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4 Steps To Take When Arrested For A Criminal Offense

Getting arrested for a crime can be a huge life event, and how you react can play a huge role in how your case proceeds. It is normal to have strong reactions after being arrested, but it is very important to remain calm. After being arrested for a criminal offense, take the following steps:

Do Not Resist

No matter what the circumstances of your arrest are, do not resist arrest or have a confrontation with the police officers on the scene. Doing so can lead to additional charges of battery of an officer or resisting arrest, which can carry stiff penalties that you will have to live with even if you are found not guilty of the original arresting charge. Even if you feel that you are innocent or the arrest is being conducted illegally, cooperate with police officers and make complaints later.

Avoid Talking to the Police

One of the most important things to do after being arrested for a crime is to keep quiet. You have the right to remain silent and that is a right that you should invoke when in police custody. Failure to remain silent can result in anything you say being used against you when your case goes to court. 

Contact a Criminal Defense Attorney

When you're charged with a criminal offense, it is essential to have an experienced criminal defense attorney represent you. It is a good idea to contact a lawyer from jail, as it can be beneficial to have a lawyer from the day you are arrested instead of waiting until just before you have to appear in court. Your lawyer will be able to assist in posting bond if possible, and will then meet with you to get your side of the story and review all of the details in the arrest report so that he or she can begin to prepare your defense for when you go to court.

Closely Follow the Terms of Your Release

When your bond is posted and you are released from jail, you will most likely be given a list of conditions that you must follow while your case is going through the court system. Make sure that you follow these rules carefully if you don't want to land back in jail while your case is being decided. You may be ordered to refrain from drugs and alcohol, stay away from the alleged victim of the crime (if there is one), and you must appear in court when scheduled.

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