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What To Do If You Are Falsely Accused Of A Committing Crime

The criminal justice system is designed to help bring perpetrators to justice, but this goal is often accomplished through a process of elimination when it comes to identifying suspects. If you find that you are falsely accused of committing a crime you were not involved in, there are some simple things you can do to help clear your name.

Here are three things you should do if you are falsely accused of committing a crime at any point in the future.

1. Gather physical evidence that could clear your name.

Physical evidence is commonly used by law enforcement officials to help piece together what happened at the scene of a crime. Working in coordination with local law enforcement officers to gather physical evidence relating to the crime you are accused of committing could be beneficial in helping you clear your name.

Submitting items like the clothing that you were wearing on the day the crime was committed for evaluation by forensic teams can help you prove your innocence. Be sure you work closely with a criminal defense attorney before submitting your physical evidence to ensure you know your rights.

2. Gather documentation that supports your alibi.

If you can prove you were not at the scene of a crime, your false accusation may be abandoned. Establishing an alibi isn't always easy, so working with a criminal defense attorney to gather documentation that will support your alibi is wise.

Documents like store receipts, electronic communication transcripts, and GPS coordinates pulled from your cell phone can help you prove to law enforcement officials you are innocent.

3. Compile a list of potential witnesses.

In many situations there are witnesses that could help you plead your case when you are falsely accused of committing a crime. Gathering the names and contact information for these witnesses can help you prove your innocence.

Witnesses could be able to provide information on both the actual perpetrator of the crime or your whereabouts when the crime was being committed. Your criminal defense attorney can help you determine which individuals could serve as reputable witnesses on your behalf.

Being falsely accused of a crime can be frightening. To help investigators eliminate you as a suspect, it can be beneficial to work with a criminal defense attorney to provide information that will establish your innocence. Gathering physical evidence, documentation supporting your alibi, and witnesses will help you if you are ever falsely accused of committing a crime in the future.

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