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A DUI Can Affect Your Ability To Earn An Income

A DUI doesn't just affect your criminal record—being charged and convicted of this violation can also have a dramatic effect on your ability to take care of yourself, particularly when it comes to your earning potential. Make sure you fully understand what could lie ahead.

Loss Of Insurance Coverage

Have a role that requires you to operate a company vehicle or heavy machinery or to care for the public, such as in a healthcare setting? If you're convicted of a DUI, your employer may no longer be able to insure you under the terms of their policy. Employers are required to submit the name and other identifying information of each employee covered under the policy.

In the event the insurance company conducts a routine verification before you notify your employer of your conviction, and this information pops up, not only could you be removed from the policy, but you may also lose your job for falsifying information.

Professional License Revocation

Your driver's license isn't the only license you stand to lose. Some jobs also require that you carry a professional license, including healthcare professionals, plumbers, bus drivers, accountants, and electricians. Depending on your state, there may be a zero-tolerance clause within the license agreement that prohibits any form of conviction, including a DUI.

A DUI conviction would also terminate your professional license. Since you can't operate legally within the state without this license, this also means that you can't work. In some instances, you can reapply for the license at a future date, and in other cases, you lose it permanently.

Frequent Time Off

DUI cases are very rarely open and shut. A person charged with this violation can expect to attend a number of court hearings before their case is finalized. Since you will be required to be in attendance for some of these hearings, you can also expect to miss time from work.

Additionally, in the event you are offered a diversion program, such as an alcohol treatment program, before your case is decided upon, since this is court-ordered treatment, you may also have to miss work to complete these visits. Combined, this can lead to substantial time off from work that you may or may not have vacation time to cover.

There is no way to precisely determine the outcome of a case, as many factors are involved. However, a DUI attorney can examine the specifics of your case beforehand and work with you to achieve the best possible outcome based on your circumstances.