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Tactics Used By Insurance Adjusters To Minimize Payouts

If you are pursuing an injury claim, you should know that the adjuster (insurance representative) will do anything possible to minimize or even decline your claim. This makes sense since the adjuster's duty is to minimize expenses for their company. Below are some of the tactics these adjusters use in their line of duty.

Video Surveillance

Some insurance adjusters conduct video surveillance of injury victims. They then use the surveillance footage as evidence to prove that the victim is not as injured as they claim or is not even injured at all.

Take an example where you are pursuing compensation for debilitating back injury and pain. If the video surveillance catches you loading heavy boxes to a moving truck, it would be enough evidence that you are not seriously injured. Therefore, avoid activities or behavior that might give the adjuster the ammunition to use against you.

Social Media Monitoring

In addition to video surveillance, many insurance companies also scour social media sites for pieces of evidence they might use against injury victims. For example, you can get in trouble for claiming that you have been bedridden for the last couple of weeks while your social media post showed you at a wild party a few days ago.

Negotiation Delays

Some adjusters also intentionally delay the negotiation process with the home that you will give up and accept whatever offer is on the table at that time. The adjuster may be slow in making counteroffers, requesting documents from you, or getting back to you on your queries. If you suspect such a deliberate negotiation delay, furnish the adjuster with all the necessary information and ask them for a written final offer. That way, you can decide whether to accept the offer or file a lawsuit.

Fast Settlement

Instead of delaying settlement negotiations, some adjusters take the opposite tactic of making unusually fast settlements. This is typically the case with accident victims who don't understand the true value of their injuries. In such a case, the adjuster's hope is that you would accept the offer and sign the release before you increase your demands. 

Many lawyers will advise their clients to wait until they reach their maximum medical improvement before making a demand. It's also useful to run your settlement offer by a lawyer for a full evaluation before accepting or rejecting the offer.

As you can see, you have to work hard and smart to overcome such tactics and get the compensation you deserve. Hiring a personal injury lawyer will give you the ammunition you need to do just that. 

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