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Consequences Of Trying To Avoid A DUI Roadblock And How A Legal Advisor Can Help You Fight Your Charges

The police use different strategies to apprehend DUI suspects. One of these strategies is mounting roadblocks on the road. They use such measures to stop drivers and conduct sobriety tests to determine their driving capability. However, some motorists make a U-turn and drive away to avoid arrest at a roadblock. You should know that doing so is illegal in some states and can make you face severe punishment. Here's what you need to know about avoiding a DUI roadblock, its consequences, and how an attorney can help fight your charges.

 What You Need to Know About DUI Roadblocks

The primary use of roadblocks is to help law enforcers discover divers who get behind the wheel intoxicated. In addition, it is one of the state's strategies to curb drinking and driving behavior. However, the police must be fair when stopping DUI suspects. This means they should stop vehicles randomly when they notice drivers with intoxication behaviors. Roadblocks should also be random on different roads at varied times and on unpredictable dates. This will ensure that the police do not seem to target a particular group of drivers.

Also, officers are only supposed to stop vehicles when there is suspicion of intoxication. If this is not the case, your lawyer can challenge your arrest. They will investigate the events that led to the incarceration to know if there was a genuine reason for your arrest. They will then use their findings to determine the arguments to raise to prove that your arrest was unlawful. 

What You Need to Know About Avoiding a Roadblock

Many drivers understand the consequences of operating a vehicle under the influence. That is why they try to avoid police roadblocks. However, it is important to note that making a U-turn to avoid a roadblock can get you into trouble. Doing so may make the police suspect that you are intoxicated. So, they might chase and arrest you. The police may then conduct tests to determine whether you are drunk. In such a case, a positive result can make you face drunk driving charges. 

The police may also charge you with resisting arrest. As such, avoiding a roadblock is not advisable, even if you're intoxicated. Instead, you need to wait until the police stop you and contact your attorney for guidance. They will advise you on what to do or say to prevent you from making mistakes that might worsen your case. Your lawyer will then determine the defenses to use to fight your charges.

A DUI lawyer can fight for you when the police violate DUI roadblock laws when arresting you. They will determine and challenge unlawful acts to ensure you don't face prosecution for a crime you never committed.