Prior Bad Acts And Criminal Cases: Can Your Past Haunt You In Court?

One of the biggest legal cases in the news right now is the trial of comedian Bill Cosby for aggravated indecent assault. A multitude of women have stepped forward alleging that they were also victims of his sexual attacks -- each telling fairly similar stories. The question is, will any of their stories be able to be used in court? The answer to that question hinges on a very contested area in criminal law, involving the admissibility of "

Marital Privilege: When Can You Assert The Right Not To Testify Against Your Spouse?

Many people believe that one spouse can never testify against another in a criminal trial, due to something known as "marital privilege." However, that's not quite true. If you're the spouse of someone who has been accused of a crime, this is what you should know about marital immunity laws. Marital Privilege Is Not Absolute. The idea behind marital privilege is that spouses have a special relationship under the law as a unified entity.

Can "Tough Love" Lead To Manslaughter Charges?

  If you're dealing with someone that has a problem with depression, drug addiction, or alcoholism, it can be tempting to let your frustration get the better of you and engage in some sort of "tough love." However, be careful that you don't cross the line into indifference -- if you do, you could end up facing charges. Here's what you should understand about involuntary manslaughter in these situations. What is involuntary manslaughter?