Can "Tough Love" Lead To Manslaughter Charges?

  If you're dealing with someone that has a problem with depression, drug addiction, or alcoholism, it can be tempting to let your frustration get the better of you and engage in some sort of "tough love." However, be careful that you don't cross the line into indifference -- if you do, you could end up facing charges. Here's what you should understand about involuntary manslaughter in these situations. What is involuntary manslaughter? [Read More]

Things to Do Before Court When You Have Received a DUI Charge

If you have recently received a DUI charge, you might find yourself wondering what the next best thing to do is. There are actually a few things you might want to do in order to help improve your situation. To help you with this, you might want to take a few moments to review the following suggestions.  Hire a DUI Attorney Sure, you are technically able to represent yourself, but you might not want to. [Read More]

Legal Dangers Of Smoking Marijuana & Tips To Overcome The Addiction

If you have a problem with smoking marijuana, the best thing you can do is fight the addiction so that you can avoid any legal complications. The following guide should help guide you in the right direction and show you some possible legal dangers. Why Is This Important? The legal consequences should be enough to get you to consider dealing with your problem. There are a lot of factors to consider, like what state you live in, as some have passed laws where carrying small amounts of marijuana for personal use is legal. [Read More]